France, Germany urge Kosovo parties to postpone vote of no-confidence in Government - Gazeta Express

France, Germany urge Kosovo parties to postpone vote of no-confidence in Government


Gazeta Express

24/03/2020 21:59

Germany and France asked on Tuesday evening Kosovo parties to reconsider or postpone vote of no-confidence in Albin Kurti’s Government set to be held on Wednesday.

Ministries of Foreign Affairs of France and Germany in a joint press release stated that they are concerned about the political situation in Kosovo at a time when political unity is necessary to face the COVID-19 crisis. “Kosovo needs a stable and fully functioning government to deal with this crisis. Therefore, we urge that the vote of no-confidence in the Government be reconsidered or postponed”, according to the press release. Regarding relations between Kosovo and Serbia, France and Germany expect both parties to take the necessary steps to remove the obstacles to the resumption of the dialogue. “We welcome Prime Minister Kurti’s intention to restart the dialogue with Serbia and to involve all stakeholders in order that Kosovo speak with one voice. The decision taken by the Kosovo Government on 20th March to lift the 100% tariff on raw materials is an important first step in the right direction. We expect that the tariffs will be fully suspended from 1st April, and we expect Serbia to do its share of the efforts,” according to the statement.

“When conditions are met for the resumption of the Dialogue, and the COVID-19 crisis is overcome, President Macron and Chancellor Merkel plan to host a Summit in Paris, with the participation of both parties’ leaders and High Representative Josep Borrell,” the statement reads.

“The dispute between Serbia and Kosovo is a European security matter, therefore the European Union will continue to lead the facilitation efforts as soon as both parties agree to restart their talks. Coordination with our partners, in particular the United States, will be pursued. The objective of the Dialogue must remain the full normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia through a comprehensive, final and legally binding agreement. Achieving this objective is a condition for both parties in order to join the European Union,” according to the press release. /GazetaExpress/