Ukraine considers recognition of Kosovo - Gazeta Express

Ukraine considers recognition of Kosovo


Gazeta Express

24/09/2020 9:36

Ukraine deputy minister of Foreign Affairs, Vasyl Bodnar, speaking to Tirana-based TV Ora, hinted his country moving towards recognition of Kosovo as independent state.

The Ukrainian diplomat said that one cannot take parallels between Kosovo and Crime, insisting that these are two separate issues. “Traditionally we are firm in maintaining soveregnity and territorial integrity. This is our principle. But we consider that no parallel can be drawn between the two cases. This is because Kosovo’s case is completely different from Crimea case,” media quote Bodnar as saying. He said that Kosovo has been recognised by many countries of the world adding that Crimea has been annexed by Russia.

Bodnar said that despite non-recognition Ukraine has taken seps forward by recognising Kosovo’s passports. “Maybe starting from such small steps, we can move towards tangible results,” Bodnar is quoted as saying.

Despite Serbia’s aggressive campaign against Kosovo statehood, 116 countries of the world have recognised the Independence of Kosovo. /GazetaExpress/