‘There will be war’ if Serbia does not recognise Kosovo, says former chief negotiator

Gazeta Express
18 Dhjetor 2019 12:45

Former chief negotiator of Kosovo in dialogue with Serbia, Edita Tahiri, said that if Serbia does not recognise Kosovo under current borders “there will be war,” Gazeta Express reports.

Attending a panel during a debate organised by the Kosovo Democratic Institute (KDI) on final phase of dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, former chief negotiator in the EU-facilitated dialogue said Serbia has never had a full sovereignty over Kosovo. She said the dialogue has not been stalled because of Kosovo’s Government decision to introduce 100 percent tax on Serbia’s imports, but because Kosovo was in real danger. “The dialogue was not halted because of the tax, but because the state of Kosovo was in danger,” Tahiri said. /GazetaExpress/

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