Speaker Osmani asks MPs to dismiss Kosovo deputy prime minister Goran Rakic - Gazeta Express

Speaker Osmani asks MPs to dismiss Kosovo deputy prime minister Goran Rakic


Gazeta Express

09/07/2020 14:33

Speaker Vjosa Osmani proposed a resolution in Parliament asking MPs to vote today on dismissal of Kosovo deputy prime minister Goran Rakic. But MPs have voted against Osmani’s initiative to be included in the Parliament session agenda.

The proposal came after Rakic’s party – Srpska List, a political entity representing Serbs in Kosovo which is part of ruling coalition, in a statement said that they will support Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic to return Kosovo under Serbia.

Ahead of vote, Osmani read the resolution saying that every call on supporting political and diplomatic position of Serbia is against Kosovo and its constitutional order. “The Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo reiterates that all political entities, be it in opposition or ruling coalition, are obliged to work in accordance with the Constitution of Kosovo, by not jeopardizing Kosovo’s position in relations with Serbia,” Osmani said.  

She also urged the Government of Kosovo not to allow its members become active part of Serbia’s diplomatic campaign against Kosovo’s statehood, a clear reference to Srpska List policy who despite being part of Kosovo Government refuse to recognize the state of Kosovo and are under direct control of Serbian President Vucic. “The Assembly asks the Government to dismiss all members of the Government who become part of such efforts. If the Government fails to dismiss members within a week, it will be initiated a no-confidence motion against individual members who have infringed constitutional order and sovereignty of the country,” Osmani stated.  

The Speaker said the draft resolution comes after a specific statement of Rakic given to media recently. “It has to do with the statements of Goran Rakic, when he said that supports political and diplomatic efforts of president Vucic to return ‘Kosovo and Metohija’”

“This means that a deputy prime minister of Kosovo joins the political and diplomatic campaign against its own state,” Osmani said.

Rakic is leader of the Srpska List the main political entity representing Serbs in Kosovo which occupies all ten reserved seats of Serbian community in Kosovo Parliament. The new Government led by Avdullah Hoti established last month was created in a coalition with minor Albanian political parties and in order to create majority in Parliament Hoti’s party – the LDK entered a coalition with Srpska List who are represented in Government with Rakic as deputy prime minister and minister of Local Government Administration, and Dalibor Jevtic as minister of Return and Communities. /GazetaExpress/