Shpend Maxhuni to join Kosovo Police, after resignation as chief of intelligence

Gazeta Express
11 Dhjetor 2019 20:13

Shpend Maxhuni, who three weeks ago resigned his position as chief of the Kosovo Intelligence Agency (KIA) has decided to returned to the Kosovo Police.

Maxhuni abruptly resigned three weeks ago as chief of the Kosovo intelligence and a few days later he filed a request to return to the Kosovo Police, where he served as general director of the police force.

Current General Director of the KP, Rashit Qalaj confirmed to T7 that Maxhuni will return on Monday at the police ranks without specifying his new position. T7 tried to contact Maxhuni but he was out of reach. Qalaj in his interview with T7 said that former KIA chief will not return the same ranks he held within the Kosovo Police before joining the KIA. /GazetaExpress/

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