Seven Kosovo coronavirus patients in critical condition - Gazeta Express

Seven Kosovo coronavirus patients in critical condition


Gazeta Express

27/03/2020 18:03

Kosovo’s main hospital centre in capital in Pristina is treating 32 coronavirus patients, with seven of them needing critical care whereas others are in stable condition. The other patients tested positive are in self-isolation because they have no clinical manifestations of the virus.

On Friday health care institutions have tested ten other people suspected of being in contact with coronavirus patients. So far 86 people have been tested positive in Kosovo, whereas last week a 73-year-old man died of the COVID-19.

The Government of Kosovo has taken restrictive measures to prevent further spread of pandemics, including restriction of movement for people and vehicles from 10:00-16 afternoon. The decision was Taken on Monday by Kosovo Government says that the movement of vehicle and people is also restricted from 20:00-06:00. Authorities have closed schools, banned public gatherings and other events to prevent spread of the deadly virus. /GazetaExpress/