Senator Ron Johnson warns PM Kurti Kosovo-US relations are deteriorating - Gazeta Express

Senator Ron Johnson warns PM Kurti Kosovo-US relations are deteriorating


Gazeta Express

16/02/2020 20:30

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson met on Saturday Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti. Gazeta Express has learned that Senator Johnson informed Kurti on principled US position that Kosovo needs to drop tariffs on Serbian imports and reconsider his position on dialogue. Reportedly Johnson told Kurti that his position reflects the position of the White House, State Department and Pentagon.

Kurti who over the weekend attended the Munich Security Conference had many meetings on the sidelines of this conference. Among the most important and difficult meeting that Kurti had in Munich was the one with the US Senator Ron Johnson, who is also chairman of the Committee on National Security in the US Senate. Gazeta Express has learned from its sources that Johnson was very direct in meeting Kurti informing him on US position related to tariffs and dialogue.

“If you want the Government you are leading to have good relations with the United States of America, you should immediately drop tariffs on Serbian goods and tone down rhetoric on dialogue with Serbia,” Johnson reportedly told Kurti. Johnson made it clear to Kurti that his position reflects the official stance of the most important US institutions. “It is a joint position of the White House (National Security Council), State Department and Pentagon that Kosovo should drop tariffs, and tone down rhetoric,” a source told Gazeta Express.

Kosovo Government has not confirmed Kurti-Johnson meeting. Gazeta Express has reported on Saturday that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and US Presidential Envoy on Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, Richard Grenell, refused meting Kurti at Munich because of his position on replacing 100 percent tariffs on Serbian goods with reciprocity. Sources told Gazeta Express that no US senior official will meet Kurti until he decides to revoke tax. /GazetaExpress/