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Orce Kamcev, owner of Acibadem Sistina private hospital, remains in detention due to suspected escape plans


Gazeta Express

15/12/2021 15:24

One of the most controversial names in North Macedonia, Jordan Orce Kamcev, director of the private hospital Acibadem Sistina and many other businesses, will remain in detention regardless millions he offered as bail.

The prosecutor of the case code-named “Empire”, Vilma Ruskoska, said that she requested his detention extended after receiving information that Kamcev might be planning an escape pending a final Court’s judgment related to the cases in which he is facing criminal charges.  

Lexo Edhe:

Jordan (Orce) Kamcev is one of the suspects in the “Empire” case, as well as “Parcel ana Vodno” case, whereas in public he is known for his close ties to former secret police chief, Saso Mijalkov. The main suspect in “Parcel na Vodno” probe is former prime minister Nikola Gruevski, who is suspected of misusing his political party funds to purchase a property worth €1.3 million. The businessman close to Gruevski, as well as owner of many major companies in North Macedonia, is a suspect also in the case known as “Empire”, in which he is being investigated for financial crimes, namely money laundering through companies in North Macedonia and offshores registered in third countries.

Jordan Kamcev is director of the company Orka Holding, established in 1990 by his father, Ilija Kamcev. Orka Holding is a shareholder of the biggest companies in North Macedonia, such as Acibadem Sistina, construction company Beton Stip, Stopanska Banka, agriculture company Pelagonija, OK Hotel, elite restaurant Susiko, owner of the daily newspaper Nova Makedonija, and other businesses.

Kamcev and his close associates, Nikola Gruevski and Saso Mijalkov, are accused of abuse of official position or authority, fraud, money laundering, and other criminal offences. During pre-investigation procedure, sufficient evidence was collected showing that from 2002 to 2013 the suspects have committed criminal offences through judicial persons. On 9 November 2018, the Prosecution Office raided Orka Holding, a company owned by Kamcev.  In 2009, offshore company Hospital management group LLC from Cyprus established clinical hospital Sistina. Later this company transfers the ownership to another offshore company from Panama. Orka Holding purchases the deposit from the Panama company and sells Sistina, enabling thus Kamcev to incorporate part of the deposit from Hospital management from Cyprus in North Macedonia. 

In addition to Kamcev and Mijalkov suspects in the “Empire” case are also Ratka Kunoska Kamcev – mother of Kamcev and non-executive member of the Board of Directors of the Orka Holding, Kristina Kamcev-Stojceski – sister of Kamcev and non-executive member of the Board of Directors of Zito Polog Tetovo, Liljana Gajdoska – legal officer in Kamcev’s companies, and non-executive member of the Board of Directors at the Pelagonia, Todor Mircevski – director of Eksiko, Vladislav Stajkovic – owner of the NVSP, current director of Mobiko, and former director of Finzi, Vance Mijalccev – Executive Director of Beton Stip, Jovance Taskovski – broker, and Dejan Janev of O.T.E. Invest.

In several cases, Finzi LLC through a bank in Cyprus had executed payments to Finzi in North Macedonia at the value of €650,000. Back then, namely in 2009, director of Finzi was Vladislav Stajkovic, brother of Nebojsa Stajkovic, former deputy minister for technology and information in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of North Macedonia.

The money continued being transferred as initial deposit to Sistina Cardiology, a company which later changed its name into Si-Fi-Kar (Sistina, Finzi, Kara). In 2012, according to the Prosecution Office, when the money laundering operation was finished, a US-based mother company closes and opens a new company, where Kerpac becomes a director and money from an Israeli donation dealing with surveillance equipment is transferred to the same account.

According to the Acibadem Sistina hospital official website, their main business partners are the Fund for Investments of the Government of Malaysia and Japan company Mitsui&Co. But Kamcev partners turns out to have problems with the law. The Japan company Mitsui&Co has faced many accusations of being involved in corruption affairs.

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The private hospital Acibadem Sistina remains one of the most frequented hospitals by citizens of Kosovo. /GazetaExpress/