No finale of Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue with Vucic as President, says Kusari-Lila - Gazeta Express

No finale of Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue with Vucic as President, says Kusari-Lila


Gazeta Express

23/06/2021 10:35

Acting chief of the Parliamentary Group of Vetevendosje, Mimoza Kusari-Lila said that there is a coordination between the President and Prime Minister of Kosovo when it comes to the dialogue with Serbia.

Kusari-Lila mentioned previous governments and the differences between the Prime Minister and President related to the Dialogue with Serbia. Kusari Lila attending a debate organized by the Kosovo Democratic Institute (KDI), said that Serbia is not interested to enter a peace agreement with Kosovo. “It takes two for the Dialogue – Kosovo and Serbia, and only yesterday we have heard two statements of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic which are against this norm. Kosovo can make all the efforts, but the dialogue can yield no results because on the other side we have a leader such as Vucic who was part of the establishment of Slobodan Milosevic’s regime,” Kusari-Lila said.

The Vetevendosje MP said that there can be no conclusion of the dialogue as long as Vucic is the President of Serbia. “We have reconfirmation of Serbia’s position, and we should also be careful when we say we are entering a final phase of the dialogue. Do we want a final phase of a dialogue with a president who says that he does not recognize Kosovo’s independence,” Kusari-Lila asked.

She said that the proposals of Prime Minister Albin Kurti made during the meeting with Vucic as part of the EU-facilitated dialogue in Brussels, are a step forward in this process. She said that the agreements reached so far with Serbia cannot be implemented if such agreements are in violation with the Constitution of Kosovo. /GazetaExpress/