Kurti urges EU-US coordination for Kosovo-Serbia dialogue - Gazeta Express

Kurti urges EU-US coordination for Kosovo-Serbia dialogue


Gazeta Express

02/03/2021 14:12

Vetevendosje leader, Albin Kurti, has requested coordination of the European Union and the United States of America for the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue.

In a press release on the Monday’s meeting between Kurti and the EU Special Representative for the dialogue, Miroslav Lajcak, Vetevendosje said that Kurti has emphasized his views on the dialogue process.

While informing Lajcak of his priorities after winning the 14 February elections, Kurti said that dialogue with Serbia is an important process that will not be neglected. However, he said that the dialogue should have a new approach, not ‘transactional’.

“Kurti demanded EU-US coordination for this process, saying that the dialogue should be at the service of peoples and not governments. But being such, it must be well prepared and with a new approach,” the press release says. “It must be transformative based on principles and values, unlike the transactional one based on current interests. Second, to have a trans-Atlantic character in terms of coordination between the European Union and the US but also of Western integrations for both sides. Thirdly, to be democratic and transparent, in the service of the peoples and citizens and not of the current governments or particular politicians.” /GazetaExpress/