Kosovo’s Constitutional Court suspends law increasing public sector wages

Gazeta Express
12 Dhjetor 2019 15:30

The Constitutional Court of Kosovo has imposed Thursday an interim measure to the new Law on Wages of the public sector employees until 30 March 2020, Gazeta Express reports.

The Constitutional Court in a statement on Thursday announced the decision to suspend the law which increases wages of public sector employees, pending a ruling after the Law was challenged by the Kosovo Ombudsman claiming the Law approved by Parliament earlier this year was not in compliance with the laws and creates inequality in salaries of public sector employees. Kosovo’s Ombudsman Hilmi Jashari said that his Office received 35 complaints from different subjects of public sector against the Law on wages, including complaints of employees of health, education, police and civil servants.

Unionists have warned with strikes if the Law does not enter into force on 1 December, as was earlier announced. Imposing of interim measure will delay implementation of the Law which might trigger the reaction of unionists to stage strikes and protests. Until now the trade union of teaching staff, health sector and the Kosovo Police have announced strikes and rpotests if the law is suspended. /GazetaExpress/

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