Kosovo woman found guilty of joining ISIS - Gazeta Express

Kosovo woman found guilty of joining ISIS


Gazeta Express

24/01/2020 13:15

A Kosovo woman has received a suspended sentence on Friday after during she pleaded guilty of joining the terrorist organisation ISIS.

The Basic Court in Pristina has sentenced Remzije Qazimi to two years of suspended sentence with execution being suspended for 3 years of verification period if the defendant does not commit another criminal offence.

The Special Prosecution of the Republic of Kosovo on 26 December 2019 indicted Remzije Qazimi of the criminal charges “organisation and participation in a terrorist group.” According to the Special Prosecution, Qazimi on 23 August 2014, took the plane from Pristina and travelled to Istanbul and jointly with her husband she crossed the Turkey-Syria border illegally and joined the terrorist organisation of ISIS in Syria. Qazimi was among the more than 100 Kosovo citizens repatriated from Syria in April 2019. /GazetaExpress/