Kosovo was promised hundreds of millions of dollars aid after agreement with Serbia, Thaci says - Gazeta Express

Gazeta Express

04/03/2020 17:36

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Kosovo was promised hundreds of millions of dollars aid after agreement with Serbia, Thaci says

Gazeta Express

04/03/2020 17:36

Kosovo president, Hashim Thaci, held a press conference on Wednesday when he revealed details of his recent visit to the United States and meeting with Serbian counterpart Aleksandar Vucici in White House. Thaci said meetings with the US top officials in Washington are important to Kosovo’s state consolidation.

Kosovo President Thaci praised the US involvement in dialogue with Serbia which as he said would open the way for reaching final peace between Kosovo and Serbia paving the way for Kosovo to get recognition from Serbia and membership into international organisations. When asked whether he got assurance that Serbia is ready to recognise Kosovo at the end of this process, considering Serbia’s resistance to recognise Kosovo, Thaci said: “Serbia said it was impossible for Kosovo to win the freedom, independence or establish the arme, but here we are, we should trust ourselves, I am convinced the mutual recognition will happen and every agreement will be in accordance with the constitution, and approved by the Parliament of Kosovo,” Thaci said. He said a potential agreement with Serbia would be decisive for future generations and Kosovo should not resist sitting at the negotiation table with Serbia. “It is a unique chance, considering that the final deal would be in compliance with the Constitution,” Thaci said. He said that he will call political leaders in order for a comprehensive representation in dialogue. Thaci said that there will be no deadlines on reaching a deal

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Thaci visited US last week when he met US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Deputy Secretary of Defence David Norquist as well as US President Donald Trump’s special envoy on dialogue, Richard Grenell. “We got full assurance on our aspirations for building our army and moving towards the Program for Peace as a precondition to join NATO,” Thaci said. “In the White House I was hosted by the US National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien at the presence of the special envoy, Ambassador Grenell. During the meeting we have discussed on chances to reach a final agreement with Serbia,” Thaci said. Talking on his meeting with Serbian president Aleksandar vucic in White House, Thaci said the meeting was important for many reasons, emphasising US leading role in negotiations for reaching a final agreement between Kosovo and Serbia. “It marks a historic success, the meeting marks readiness to move the dialogue process forward after a one and half year stagnation. The meeting facilitates or makes it easy reaching of an agreement,” Thaci said. Thaci says Kosovo should use the opportunity now the US has increased its interest on reaching a final deal with Serbia. Talking on EU’s role in dialogue, Thaci said the EU cannot contribute in convincing Serbia recognising Kosovo, reminding that it is the EU which has failed to convince five of its members recognise Kosovo’s independence. “EU’s disunity was reflected also on prospects of reaching a final agreement between Kosovo and Serbia. The EU and its members have not managed to convince five countries to recognise Kosovo’s independence. And there is no hope in horizon that this would change soon, and let alone convincing Serbia recognise Kosovo,” Thaci said.

Thaci said Kosovo should use the opportunity now the US President Donald Trump is focused on reaching a final deal in dialogue. “We should act mature and use to maximum this chance,” Thaci said. “We have a special envoy with the vision who is engaged in finding a solution. This is a new momentum, and we should grab the chance. Losing this momentum would mean remaining in status-quo, economic and social stagnation,” Thaci said.

Kosovo president during the press conference called on political parties to commit to reforms and EU integration process, and criticised state leaders of their stances towards US policy, Gazeta Express reports. “We all leaders of Kosovo are replaceable, but relations and US contribution is unchallengeable, who thinks of challenging this role might cause problems for the future of Kosovo and have serious consequences for the country,” Thaci said. /GazetaExpress/