Kosovo visa liberalization not on EU Council’s October agenda - Gazeta Express

Kosovo visa liberalization not on EU Council’s October agenda


Gazeta Express

07/10/2020 12:27

Kosovo had expectations that visa liberalisation for its citizens will be put in the agenda of the EU Council during the German Presidency. However, this seems unlikely, despite Germany’s strong support. The EU Council has not included in its agenda visa liberalisation for Kosovo during their meeting set to be held on 15-16 October, a German Government spokesperson confirmed to Gazeta Express.

“It is EU Council President Charles Michel who sets the agenda in consultation with the EU leaders. The visa issue for Kosovo is not on the agenda of the October meeting,” a spokesperson of the German Government told Gazeta Express. Asked whether Chancellor Angela Merkel has the support of French President Emmanuel Macron to push forward visa liberalisation, the German Government advises Gazeta Express to contact French authorities. “As a matter of principle, we do not comment on confidential conversations. If you have any questions about the French position on this issue, please contact the French authorities,” German Government spokesperson said.

A source from the EU also confirmed that visa liberalisation for Kosovo is not on the agenda of the EU Council this month. “At this stage the topics the EU Council will have on its agenda are relations with the UK, climate and relations with Africa, although other issues may be added depending on developments,” a source from the EU said.

On Tuesday the European Commission published the annual reports, assessing the implementation of fundamental reforms in the Western Balkans, including Kosovo. The European Commission reiterated in its Report that Kosovo has fulfilled all visa liberalisation criteria and recommended the EU Council to wave visas for Kosovo citizens. /GazetaExpress/