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Kosovo President Vjosa Osmani visiting Lithuania


Gazeta Express

12/05/2022 12:28

Kosovo President Vjosa Osmani is paying an official visit to Lithuania when she was hosted by her Lithuanian counterpart, Gitanas Nauseda, Gazeta Express reports.

During a joint press conference Lithuanian President Nauseda said that his country is ready to help Kosovo’s integration into the European Union and NATO. He thanked Kosovo for condemning Russia’s aggression in Ukraine and urged Kosovo to help with hosting Ukrainian refugees. Nauseda said that security in the Balkan and Baltic regions are important and should be preserved.

“I want to thank Kosovo which was among the first to condemn the brutal and unprovoked war of Russia in Ukraine, for all the sanctions against Ukraine and Belorussia, for the Assistance offered to Ukraine and hosting Ukrainian refugees,” Lithuanian President said. Nauseda said that his country is ready to share with Kosovo its experience on implementation of reforms and supports Kosovo’s efforts to join NATO and strengthen security in the region.  

Kosovo President Vjosa Osmani thanked her counterpart for supporting Kosovo to join the Council of Europe and NATO. “Mr. President, today, during the meeting we have discussed on Kosovo’s membership into the Council of Europe, NAWTO and the EU, and I want to thank you for the support you have offered, as well as the support you gve Kosovo in state building process,” Osmani said. She said that Kosovo has aligned with the Western countries by imposing sanctions on Russia. “As a former refugee and president of a nation who was almost completely expelled from their homes, we express our solidarity with the people of Ukraine. The war in Kosovo was two decades ago and our wounds are still open, we understand the pain of Ukraine and Kosovo stands with the West in sanctioning Russia. Unfortunately, Serbia is siding with Russia as the only country in Europe resisting imposing sanctions against Russia,” Osmani said. /GazetaExpress/