Kosovo president says Vetevendosje ‘not the only address’ on government formation

Gazeta Express
18 Janar 2020 14:57

Kosovo president Hashim Thaci hinted Saturday that the Vetevendosje Movement despite winning October elections in Kosovo is not the only address in efforts to form new government. Asked whether he is ready to give the mandate to form government to the second ranked party, Thaci said that “there is not only one address” in forming government.

According to Kosovo legislation only the party which won the elections has the right to nominate a candidate for prime minister and ask for President’s decree. Thaci said that Kosovo has stalled in forming new institutions adding that he we will look into all political options and modalities aimed at respecting the will of citizens but also legal and constitutional responsibilities. “The vote of citizens needs to be respected,” Thaci said and highlighted that hat he will not focus “only in one political address.”

President Thaci on 6 January held a meeting with the Vetevendosje leader Albin Kurti who has not nominated a candidate for prime minister. Kurti told media on Friday that he will present a nominee and ask a President’s decree as soon as they reach a deal with the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK). The Vetevendosje which won October elections lacks majority in Parliament and has failed to reach a deal with the party ranked as second – the Democratic League of Kosovo, LDK, on government formation. The two parties disagree on sharing of ministerial posts even after election of the Speaker of Parliament. The election of Glauk Konjufca of Vetevendosje as speaker of Parliament without an accord with the LDK has deteriorated talks now with the LDK insisting that the post of Speaker should belong to them and with the Vetevendosje refusing to dismiss their member only weeks after election. Technically Kosovo is functioning with a caretaker government for six months now. /GazetaExpress/

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