Kosovo PM Kurti: Serbian President acted nervously after my speech - Gazeta Express

Kosovo PM Kurti: Serbian President acted nervously after my speech


Gazeta Express

15/02/2020 13:58

Kosovo prime minister, Albin Kurti, said Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic acted nervously following his speech at a meeting of the EU and Western Balkan leaders held at the Munich Security Conference late on Friday.

Talking to Radio Free Europe (RFE) after the meeting which was close to media, Kurti said that he held no direct meeting with Vucic. “I have not met Vucic, we were in a roundtable, when all the Western Balkan leaders were invited,” Kurti said after attending the conference focusing on regional cooperation.

Asked to comment the meeting behind closed doors, that Vucic described as tense, Kurti said that he does not want to give any details, referring to the “Chatham House Rule.” However, Kurti admitted the discussion at the roundtable was tense. “He (Vucic) felt very pressured, under some enormous pressure, and there it came his nervous reaction,” Kurti said.

Serbian President Vucic told Serbia’s state TV RTS that debate with Kurti was fierce and he managed to defend the interests of Serbia and Serbs in the best possible way. “It was fierce. I cannot give details. I fought for Serbian interests and for the Serbian people, which is my job. I spoke the truth and I am proud of that,” Vucic told the RTS. /GazetaExpress/