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Kosovo Liberation Army Veterans Protest War Crimes Court


Gazeta Express

09/07/2020 14:04

Veterans of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) protested on Thursday the Hague based Special Court, which was established in 2015 to investigate and try alleged crimes committed by members of the KLA.  

The protest held in capital Pristina and other municipalities of Kosovo with the motto: “Defending Liberation War” was organized after the Specialist Prosecutor’s Office published an indictment against country’s President Hashim Thaci and leader of the PDK, Kadri Veseli.

Head of the Association of KLA Veterans, Hysni Gucati, called the indictment against former members of the KLA as unjust, biased and politically motivated.

“The unusual way of publishing the indictments against former commanders of the KLA surprised the civilized world, without excluding former EU officials, military men and influential people in world politics. Whereas the people of Kosovo who fought against killing-machine of ex-Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic, remained deeply disappointed, because those who for 20 years taught us on the rule of law now are violating these laws and this was proven on the way how the indictment was filed by interfering justice, and making these courts vulnerable to politics,” Gucati said.

Gucati said that after the  Hague prosecutors announced filing of the indictment against Thaci a scheduled meeting between Kosovo and Serbia on 27 June was cancelled. Representative of the Association of former political prisoners Meriman Braha said the Hague Court should deal with all crimes committed in Kosovo and not to try only the KLA alleged crimes. /GazetaExpress/