Kosovo is ready for dialogue with Serbia, says Thaci - Gazeta Express

Kosovo is ready for dialogue with Serbia, says Thaci


Gazeta Express

08/06/2020 11:43

President Hashim Thaci, said Kosovo should not be delayed in resumption of dialogue with Serbia. In a press conference on Monday Thaci said he remains optimistic that an agreement with Serbia is possible this year.

Thaci welcomed Kosovo’s government decision to revoke reciprocity with Serbia, saying that tariffs can no longer be used by Serbia as a pretext to avoid dialogue. “Kosovo’s request in dialogue is clear. And above all Kosovo in this process is together with the US and all other allies. We should move forward as soon as possible to be part of the EU and NATO,” Thaci said. The President said Kosovo stands ready for dialogue and urged all political leaders to unite. He said internal unity makes easye the work of international partners.

Thaci said that Kosovo will work on full implementation of the agreements reached at the beginning of this year on restoring of air, rail and highway link with Serbia, mediated by the US special envoy on Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, Richard Grenell.

Thaci commended the decision of newly appointed Government led by Avdullah Hoti to abolish all trade barriers with Serbia saying that this was followed with a positive reaction from the United States. Reacting to the government’s decision, the United States, decided to unfreeze around 50 million dollars in economic aid that had been blocked due to Pristina’s refusal to lift the tariffs. The aid will come via the Millennium Challenge Corporation or MCC, a U.S. government foreign assistance agency. /GazetaExpress/