Kosovo Government meeting postponed as coalition partners disagree over tariffs - Gazeta Express

Kosovo Government meeting postponed as coalition partners disagree over tariffs


Gazeta Express

27/02/2020 15:27

Disagreements of coalition partners – Vetevendosje and LDK – over the tariffs on Serbian goods, made the Government postpone a scheduled meeting for today at 16:00hrs. The Prime Minister’s Office announced the new meeting of the Cabinet will be held on Friday at 12:00hrs.

Gazeta Express has reported that Kosovo PM Albin Kurti who is leader of Vetevendosje wants replacing of 100 percent tax on Serbian goods with full trade and political reciprocity measures. The United States are against the idea and urged Kosovo to unconditionally revoke tariffs.

Senior LDK officials, including its chairman Isa Mustafa, and his deputy Lutfi Haziri have stated that Kosovo should be coordinated with the US and act upon their request. First Deputy Prime Minister, Avdullah Hoti, who is member of the LDK in a Facebook post on Wednesday, said that Kosovo should not hinder the partnership with the US adding that all obstacles which led to halting of the dialogue with Serbia should neb removed.

Gazeta Express, quoting its sources in Washington, has reported that the US gave a deadline to Kurti that by the end of this week to rescind tariffs. Reportedly, Kurti’s answer to the US request was negative, and this would result in serious consequences in Kosovo’s partnership with the US. Sources told Gazeta Express that the only withdrawal of recognition is not an option, with the US expected to consider its investment and other activities where the US was involved in Kosovo over the last 20 years. /GazetaExpress/