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Kosovo Government Is Toppled in No-Confidence Vote


Gazeta Express

25/03/2020 22:57

Kosovo Government has lost a no-confidence vote, leading to its collapse. The motion in Albin Kurti’s Government was triggered by junior coalition partner – LDK. A transitional government is now expected to take over amidst coronavirus pandemic crisis.

Kosovo lawmakers brought down the Vetevendosje-LDK government of Prime Minister Albin Kurti late on Wednesday, following a vote of no confidence. The motion was supported by opposition parties. Kurti who was voted on 3 February 2020 will remain as a caretaker prime minister in the meantime. The Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) which was part of the coalition initiated the motion after PM Albin Kurti sacked minister of Internal Affairs, Agim Veliu, a senior member of the LDK after a dispute over whether to declare a state of emergency to prevent further spread of coronavirus.

Speaker of the Parliament, Vjosa Osmani, who is deputy head of the LDK has voted against the motion of no-confidence and criticised her party for the initiative. /GazetaExpress/