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Kosovo fulfils EU criteria to export products of animal origin


Gazeta Express

09/07/2020 16:52

Kosovo has fulfilled criteria for exporting products of animal origin in the EU. This was confirmed by the Food and Veterinary Agency (FVA) of Kosovo.

The FVA said in a press release that on 09 July in  the Official Gazette of the European Union L 220/5, has been published the decision on involvement of Kosovo in the list of third countries eligible for export of animal products for human consumption in the EU member states. This is the first time Kosovo gains this right.

“Having regard to Council Directive 2002/99/EC of 16 December 2002 laying down the animal health rules governing the production, processing, distribution and introduction of products of animal origin for human consumption; decision 2007/777/EC, the European Commission sets out a list of third countries from which the introduction into the Union of the commodities is authorised. Kosovo wins this right for the first time ever,” the FVA said in a press release. The FVA says the Commission has carried out an audit in Kosovo to evaluate the control systems in place governing the production of meat products of poultry intended for export to the Union. “After an assessment the FVA was positively evaluated confirming that as a state authority has fulfilled all guaranteed conditions to offer security for all commodities produced in Kosovo, in factories which would apply to export in the EU,” the AUV concluded in its press release. /GazetaExpress/