Kosovo disappointed and betrayed by EU, says President Thaci - Gazeta Express

Kosovo disappointed and betrayed by EU, says President Thaci


Gazeta Express

13/02/2020 23:09

Kosovo President, Hashim Thaci, speaking to media after a meeting with the US special envoy on Pristina-Belgrade dialogue, Richard Grenell, said Kosovo is disappointed and feels betrayed by the European Union for failing to liberalise visas despite fulfilling all required criteria. He also said Kosovo fully trusts the EU’s role in mediating dialogue with Serbia.

“Kosovo is disappointed, and betrayed by the EU because we have fulfilled all obligations and visa liberalisation has not happened,” Thaci said from Munich when he is expected to attend the annual Security Conference. He also criticised the EU for lacking a cohesion due to disunity of the Member States.  

He praised the role of the United States saying that Kosovo believes the US on dialogue with Serbia. “Kosovo fully believes the leading role in dialogue, the role of the US President Donald Trump, State Secretary Mike Pompeo, and decisive role of the Ambassador Grenell on Kosovo-Serbia dialogue,” Thaci said. In a Tweet after meeting US President Donald Trump’s envoy on dialogue, Thaci said: “Always a pleasure to meet with Ambassador Richard Grenell. Discussed dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, and next steps towards reaching a final agreement for recognition and UN membership. Grateful for the new dynamic he brought to the process and his dedication to peace and prosperity in the region,” Thaci said.

 “Kosovo will make its move in coming days. These actions will bring Kosovo closer to NATO and the EU,” Thaci said. “Kosovo will move towards a better perspective by taking strategic steps in coordination with its partners,” Thaci added. But despite criticism Thaci still believes the EU will fully support a more dynamic approach in Kosovo-Serbia dialogue. /GazetaExpress/