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Kosovo bans crypto mining to save energy


Gazeta Express

04/01/2022 13:55

Kosovo Government has taken e decision to stop crypto mining in Kosovo as the country is facing power shortages during the winter months.

Kosovo’s minister of Economy, Artane Rizvanolli, has taken a decision Tuesday to stop crypto mining. Rizvanolli said in a statement that the decision was taken at the recommendation of the Technical Committee on “Emergency Measures for Energy Supply,” Gazeta Express reports. The decision was taken after Kosovo is facing power shortages and has introduced power cuts now that demand has been increased during winter months.

She said the Government recently established a Technical Committee to assess emergency measures for energy supply and based on their recommendation last week the Government took a decision for Emergency Measures including halting of crypto mining in all territory of Kosovo. Minister Rizvanolli said that law enforcement institutions will intervene to stop producing of the crypto currencies and will work on identification of the locations dealing with crypto mining. “These actions are aimed at addressing potential unexpected or long term lack of electricity production capacities, capacities of transmission or distribution of energy in order to overcome the energy crisis without further burdening the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo,” minister Rizvanolli said.

In December 2021 the Government declared a state of emergency for the next 60 days, which will allow it to allocate more money for energy imports and possibly introduce power cuts. Kosovo produces most of its energy from coal-fired power plants, but during winter months the demand for energy increases forcing the Kosovo Energy Distribution Systems (KEDS) to import electricity amid global energy crisis that has resulted in the enormous increase in electricity prices on international market. /GazetaExpress/