KLA Veterans to launch a petition asking amendment of the Law on war crimes court - Gazeta Express

KLA Veterans to launch a petition asking amendment of the Law on war crimes court


Gazeta Express

04/07/2020 13:37

The Association of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) Veterans announced launch of a petition asking the Parliament to initiate amendment of the Law on Kosovo Specialist Chambers. The KLA veterans ask the Hague-based war crimes court to extend its mandate and deal also with Serbian crimes committed in Kosovo during 1998-1999 war. The Association of war veterans has called a nation-wide protest on Thursday to oppose the indictments filed by the Hague prosecutors against former leaders of the KLA.

Deputy head of the Association of KLA Veterans, Nasim  Haradinaj, in an interview with KosovaPress said the proposed indictment  against Kosovo president  Hashim  Thaci and PDK leader Kadri Veseli published  by the Specialist Prosecutor’s Office (SPO)  last week attacks directly Kosovo, adding that the Hague prosecutors have indicted the main people of the KLA.

“The KLA was the core value of country’s freedom and independence. To attack the core values of the KLA, means attacking Kosovo. Not an individual, because today the whole world has learned that the President of Kosovo has been indicted, and he was prevented from traveling to the US to attend a dialogue meeting,” Haradinaj said.  

Haradinaj insists the amendment of the Law on Kosovo Specialist Chambers extending the mandate of prosecuting and trying all war crimes should happen. He says the KLA veterans will launch a petition to call a Parliament session to at least discuss such a proposal.  

“No one can deny our right to launch a petition and collect at least 11 thousand signatures asking a Parliament session. We will need a weekend to collect these signatures. Therefore, we have called a protest to raise awareness of MPs. And nothing will happen if they amend or supplement the Law on the Specialist Chambers. They should return these Chambers to Kosovo and mandate them for trying all war crimes,” Haradinaj said. Regardless the Government decision banning gathering of more than 50 people as preventive measures against COVID-19, Haradinaj said that they will respect all measures. The protest will be held on Thursday Pristina. /GazetaExpress/