It’s official: Kosovo submits bid to join Council of Europe - Gazeta Express
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It’s official: Kosovo submits bid to join Council of Europe


Gazeta Express

12/05/2022 12:16

Foreign Minister Donika Gervalla-Schwarz has officially submitted the application for Kosovo to join the Council of Europe (CoE), Gazeta Express reports

Sharr Jakupi, Chief of Cabinet of the Minister of Foreign Affairs posted a statement on Twitter Thursday writing: “DPM/FM Donika Gervalla-Schwarz just finished her meetings at the CoE, where she submitted the application in person. I can confirm: The Government of the Republic of Kosova officially applied for full membership in the Council of Europe,” Jakupi said.

Lexo Edhe:

Minister Gervalla-Schwarz in a video message from Strasbourg confirmed that she has submitted the application to join the CoE. “Today we opened a new chapter for Kosovo’s membership into the Council of Europe, today has been launched the procedure of reviewing our request, which will be forwarded to various instances of the CoE and PACE and in the end to the Ministerial Council. Kosovo is the most democratic country in the region, Kosovo is the most pro-European country in the region and the most optimistic in the region. Therefore, Kosovo deserves to become part of the Council of Europe as soon as possible. This procedure we have launched today will be concluded with Kosovo becoming full-fledged member of the Council of Europe,” Gervalla said. The application has been submitted after the Government during a meeting Thursday morning authorised the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to start membership bid procedures. /GazetaExpress/