EU warns Kosovo of consequences for not allowing Serbian President visit - Gazeta Express

EU warns Kosovo of consequences for not allowing Serbian President visit

Gazeta Express

26/11/2020 13:14

The EU special representative on Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, Miroslav Lajcak, wrote an official letter to Kosovo prime minister Avdullah Hoti protesting a decision of Kosovo authorities last week preventing Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic from entering Kosovo.

“As set out in the Freedom of Movement Agreement, individuals of each party are able to travel freely with the territory of the other. Specific rules apply for persons of each party holding public office, as set out in the Agreement for Official Visits. The Arrangements for Official Visits, and its amendment that forms an integral part of that Agreement ensure an orderly handling and execution of official visits. These arrangements, together with the Freedom ofg Movement agreement have proved very useful, and they constitute an achievement in the work between you and Belgrade, which should be preserved,” Lajcak writes in his letter published by Kosovo media.

Lajcak reminds Kosovo PM Hoti that both agreemenets (Freedom of Movement and Visits), represent Dialogue commitments and must be respected by both Kosovo and Serbia.

“Non-respect of these agreements sends a very negative signal about Kosovo’s credibility as part of the Dialogue, process. Addiationally, such breaches undermine the efforts to normalize relations between the parties and escalate tensions on the ground; this in turn seriously impacts on the ongoing discussions on the future Comprehensive Agreement,” Lajcak wrote in his letter.  

Lajcak says that Hoti’s support in his capacity as Prime Minister is crucial to ensure that Kosovo institutions continue to live up to their commitments under the Dialogue. “The EU expects Kosovo to continue engaging in achieving comprehensive normalization with Serbia; this includes respect and implementation of all agreements reached in the Dialogue so far,” Lajcak concludes in his letter sent to Kosovo PM Hoti. /GazetaExpress/