After Paris visit, Hyseni meets Merkel's advisor and asks for coordination for a final Kosovo-Serbia agreement - Gazeta Express

After Paris visit, Hyseni meets Merkel’s advisor and asks for coordination for a final Kosovo-Serbia agreement


Gazeta Express

25/08/2020 17:46

The Kosovo Government coordinator for the dialogue with Serbia, Skender Hyseni, after Paris traveled to Berlin, where he met with Matthias Luttenberg, advisor to the German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Hyseni announced in a press release that he has asked for a coordination between Berlin, Paris and Washington “as only with the inclusion of this triangle can be reached a comprehensive agreement that will have mutual recognition as a result.”

“I emphasized that the government and all institutions of the Republic of Kosovo see the Federal Republic of Germany as a friendly country, a second home for many Kosovars. I underlined that German support for Kosovo and its people, in the most difficult times of our history, has created a special bond between our peoples and countries,” Hyseni wrote.

“Appreciating the EU commitment and the work of its special envoy, Miroslav Lajcak in the rounds of talks taking place in Brussels, I stressed that the dialogue should take on a new dynamic in order not to waste precious time, but coordinate discussions of the main issue, the comprehensive agreement for mutual recognition and normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia. This can only be achieved with the direct and coordinated involvement and support of the triangle Berlin-Paris-Washington.” /GazetaExpress/