Vetevendosje and LDK to meet Wednesday

Gazeta Express
21 Tetor 2019 15:09

Second coordination meeting between of the working groups of the Vetevendosje and Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) will be held on Wednesday when the two parties which won 6 October elections will try to harmonise their programs and create a coalition, Gazeta Express has learned.

With the preliminary results on the table the Vetevendosje which won the elections and its leader Albin Kurti is country’s likely prime minister, and the runner-up the LDK will continue meetings at the level of experts aimed at harmonising programs.

Last week the working groups met for the first time and after the meeting the two parties issued a joint press statement saying that they have agreed on content and principles of the agreement on co-government. Further it was statement that in this meeting the two parties discussed political topics on key sectorial reforms awaiting the new Government. /GazetaExpress/

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