US Special Envoy Grenell to meet Kosovo Serb leaders

Gazeta Express
14 Nëntor 2019 8:57

US Presidential Envoy on Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, Richard Grenell, has invited to a meeting in Berlin, leaders of the Srpska List, a political entity representing Kosovo Serbs. The meeting will take place today at the US Embassy in Berlin when Grenell serves also as US Ambassador to Germany.

In addition to Grenell the Srpska List representatives said that they will meet senior state officials of Germany. Key topic of these meetings will be representation of Srpska List in new Government of Kosovo as well as resumption of Kosovo-Serbia dialogue which was halted last year after outgoing Government introduced a 100 percent tax on all Serbian imports. The Srpska List delegation will be headed by its leader Goran Rakic, and is composed of Dalibor Jevtic and Bratislav Nikolic.

In addition to Grenell, the Srpska List representatives will meet also Bundestag MPs, representatives of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s office, as well as representatives of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs. According to Srpska List in all these meetings they will discuss current political situation in Kosovo and positioning of Kosovo Serbs. /GazetaExpress/

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