Spain’s Joseph Borell opposes Kosovo-Serbia land swap - Gazeta Express

Spain’s Joseph Borell opposes Kosovo-Serbia land swap


Gazeta Express

03/07/2019 15:47

EU leaders nominated Tuesday Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell as foreign policy chief. He would replace Italian Federica Mogherini, who for a long time has facilitated high level dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia.

Borell comes from a country which is one of the five EU members refusing to recognise Kosovo’s independence. Media in Kosovo and analysts say this is worrying for the future of the EU-facilitated dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade. But Borell in his capacity as Foreign Minister of Spain was opposing to the idea on exchange of territories between Kosovo and Serbia. He stated this during an informal meeting of EU’s foreign ministers held last year in Austria.

Commenting the idea on exchange of territories, with Kosovo giving northern municipalities inhabited with Serbs, in exchange of Presheva Valley, Borell has stated that the Europe has not been built in the support of ethnically pure states. “Europe has not been built on ethnically homogenous principles, when it comes to cultures and ethnicities. The Europe has been built to help people of different ethnicities live together,” Borell has stated in August 2018. He stated that he shares on sympathy to the land swap idea. “The discussions on redrawing of borders, has triggered no sympathy,” Borell has stated.

Among other things Borell stated last year that a potential agreement between Kosovo and Serbia would help EU non-recognisers, including Spain, to take a final decision on Kosovo. He also stated that Spain is not an obstacle for reaching a final agreement between Pristina and Belgrade. /GazetaExpress/