Serwer: Grenell’s appointment as Trump’s envoy for Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, bizarre

Gazeta Express
4 Tetor 2019 21:13

Daniel Serwer, an American expert on the Western Balkan region called as “bizarre” the intention of the US President Donald Trump to name the US Ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, as a special envoy for peace negotiations between Kosovo and Serbia.

In a statement posted in peacefare, Serwer said he assumed that the recent appointment of Matthew Palmer as Special Representative for the Balkans, if it did anything, ensured that no one else would get the job of resolving the remaining issues between Kosovo and Serbia as well as within Bosnia and Herzegovina. “Now the Administration has chosen to name in addition a controversial political figure who has managed to deeply offend Berlin, one of America’s most important allies, to handle the sensitive issues in the Belgrade/Pristina talks,” Serwer wrote.

Serwer said that this signifies confusion and disorder in US policy, not the clarity of purpose and desire to cooperate with the European Union that is required. “What might the relationship between Palmer and Grenell be? I don’t know. Political appointee Grenell clearly outranks professional diplomat Palmer because he has an ambassadorial title (never mind he is presumably closer to the White House), but if one has the Balkans and the other has the Pristina/Belgrade dialogue, the logical chain of command would be the opposite,” Serwer wrote. “In short: this is an appointment likely to cause even more uncertainty about US policy than already prevails. I suggest the press try to get Palmer and Grenell to clarify. Not me,” Daniel concluded. /GazetaExpress/

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