Serbia’s Vucic tells the EU: Explain whether we have poisoned Albanians

Gazeta Express
18 Tetor 2019 13:42

Serbian president, Aleksandar Vucic, addressed a letter to the European Commission spokesperson, Maja Kocijancic asking for an explanation related to the case of poisoning of the Kosovo officials after opening of envelopes with ballots from Serbia.

Serbian president, in his letter asked the EU to publically explain whether Serbs have poisoned Albanians. Vucic’s reaction came after last week 26 officials of the Kosovo’s Central Elections Commission (CEC) tasked to count ballots which arrived from Serbia were allegedly poisoned after opening the envelopes with ballots. The ballot counters said there was an unusual smell and they then started getting itchy red eyes and hands, with some vomiting. Several of them were rushed to hospital.

“I am absolutely sure that after several days of careful monitoring of the ‘poisoning’ affair in pristina you must now have a conclusion as to what exactly occurred. Therefore, I ask you to publically explain to the entire European audience if there is any evidence whatsoever that any Serbians poisoned the vote counters with anthrax, novichok or some more severe poison. If by any chance all accusations happen to be false, please confirm who started that lie,” it is written in a letter that Vucic has published in his Twitter. /GazetaExpress/

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