Serbian opposition leader has plan for Kosovo

Gazeta Express
19 Shtator 2019 13:20

Serbian opposition leader Dragan Djilas told reporters on Thursday that his Party of Freedom and Justice has a plan for Kosovo which does not include President Aleksandar Vucic and his partners in Pristina.

Djilas said that Vucic was out of the plan because “he does not know what the word reconciliation means,” Belgrade based news agency Beta reports. “Our plan includes his not being in power, nor his friends and partners in Kosovo (outgoing Prime Minister) Ramush Haradinaj and (President) Hashim Thaci,” he told reporters in front of the Serbian Presidency building. “This is the only way. Seven years of trying with Vucic. Have they achieved anything,” he added. Djilas said that no one who committed war crimes or supported criminals can take part in the reconciliation process “because that’s impossible with those people”. A final agreement is not possible at this time because the Albanians insist on independent and have the support of part of the international community, he said and added that the focus should be on normalization with an end to provocations, the revoking of the tariffs on Serbian goods, freedom of movement and solutions to other disputes. According to Djilas, more people leave Kosovo than any other part of Europe because both Serbs and Albanians are “hostages of criminals”. He said that possible partners for the plan include everyone who want to accept it and added that it has been translated into Albanian.

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