Serbian MP says Pristina ‘playing victim’

Gazeta Express
16 Maj 2019 14:19

A senior Serbian ruling party official, Milovan Drecun, told Belgrade-media that authorities in Pristina are trying to draw attention away from investigations against key figures of the war-time Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) by claiming that Serbia committed genocide.

Talking to Serbia’s state broadcaster RTS, Drecun said that the announced Kosovo parliament resolution accusing Serbia of genocide was an attempt to draw attention away from the summons issued by the Special Prosecutor to KLA officers. “They want to say that they are the victims and that someone else should be put on trial,” the chairman of the parliamentary Committee for Kosovo said. Drecun said he expects indictments to be raised against ranking officials such as parliament Speaker Kadri Veseli, President Hashim Thaci and Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj who he claims have launched the campaign. “We have to respond to Pristina‘s moves with the many facts that we have and present them to the UN, European Union and friendly countries to oppose the false image that Pristina is trying to create,” he said. 

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