Serbia playing with war victims in Kosovo

Gazeta Express
12 Gusht 2019 15:59

Serbian war criminal, Miodrag Solaja, who was convicted over the killing of 14 civilians in 1999 in Kosovo, was released by Serbian authorities three years early. Solaja was part of the paramilitary group called the Scorpions, who on 28 March 1999, killed 14 members of the Bogujevci and Duriqi families in Podujeva. Seven of the victims were children.

One of the survivors of this massacre, Saranda Bogujevci who currently is Member of Kosovo Parliament, told Gazeta Express that the Bogujevci family condemns early release of the war crimes convict by Serbian authorities. She said that the mere fact that Solaja has served only 12 years imprisonment is insulting for survivors of this massacre and family members of the victims. “We as the Bogujevci family are concerned and appalled after Serbian state has decided to release early from jail the criminal Miodrag Solaja. This criminal was held only 12 years behind bars for killing of 14 members of our family and the DUriqi family in Podujeva. This measn that he spent only eight months for each of the victims he executed,” Bogujevci told Gazeta Express. She said that the state of Serbia is playing with the war victims in Kosovo. “We as the family are concerned because this is the second member of the Scorpions group released without fully serving their sentence, which also in itself was insufficient considering the grave crimes they have committed,” she said. According to Saranda Bogujevci they will continue asking for justice be delivered. “We as the family will continue struggle for the justice be delivered and will continue supporting families of war victims in Kosovo until justice is done for all,” the Bogujevci family said in a reaction to Solaja’s release. The Bogujevci family also called on Kosovo and international institutions to deal seriously and support war crime victims in Kosovo, by conditioning and asking Serbia held responsible all those who committed war crimes in Kosovo. /GazetaExpress/

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