Recount of votes ends on Wednesday

Gazeta Express
22 Tetor 2019 10:24

The Count and Results Centre is expected to conclude the process of recount of 530 polling stations tonight paving the way for counting of the conditional ballots.

Officials of the Centre confirmed that until Tuesday morning they have counted 390 out of 530 polling stations. The Central Elections Commission (CEC) during a meeting last week ordered recount of 530 polling stations due to reported irregularities during the count process. At the Count and Results Centre say that after recount of all ballots in the 530 polling stations they will start counting conditional ballots. Spokesperson of the CEC, Valmir Elezi said the early elections held on 6 October were well organized considering the tight deadlines the CEC faced to organize them. He explained that some of the votes are being recounted because of identified irregularities at the Count and Results Centre which is in charge of including the data from the polling centres into central system. “A technical error in the CEC forms was the reason for ordering a recount of votes in some of the polling stations. Also mismatch of votes of the political entities and candidates running for a seat in parliament was another reason for ordering partial recount,” Elezi explained. /GazetaExpress/

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