Parliament dissolves on 22 August, elections inevitable - Gazeta Express

Parliament dissolves on 22 August, elections inevitable


Gazeta Express

13/08/2019 13:39

Kosovo Parliament Speaker and chairman of the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK), Kadri Veseli said on Tuesday that Parliament will be dissolved on 22 August as agreed by political parties last week adding that early elections are inevitable.

Veseli made the comments distributing certificates for young people who are trained in entrepreneurship and developing business plan. “We are in the final phase of decision-making, elections are inevitable. On 22 August, the Parliament of the Republic of Kosovo will convene to vote on its dissolution. This would pave the way for elections, therefore it is up to citizens to take a decision on how Kosovo will take direction for the upcoming four years,” Veseli stated.

Kosovo political parties reached an accord to disband the Parliament after Ramush Haradinaj resigned as country’s prime minister on 22 July after being summoned by the Specialist Prosecutor’s Office (SPO) to be questioned for his role as wartime commander of the Kosovo Liberation Army. /GazetaExpress/