Osmani: No winner tonight, let’s wait count of all votes

Gazeta Express
7 Tetor 2019 0:02

Vjosa Osmani, candidate for prime minister running for the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK), has addressed media late on Sunday commenting the election results as her party is ranked second after count of more than 80 percent of vote. The Vetevendosje movement is leading with 26 percent followed by the LDK with 25 percent of votes.

Osmani was not ready to accept defeat in Sunday’s election saying that they will wait for all the votes be counted by the Central Election Commission (CEC) reminding that the diference of votes is narrow with the Vetevendosje leading with only four thousand votes. She thanked the LDK supporters for participating in election and for as she said overthrowing from power former ruling parties. She said that after final results of the election the LDK is ready to consider negotiations on potential coalition with the Vetevendosje. /GazetaExpress/

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