NATO’s Admiral calls on Kosovo to form new Government

Gazeta Express
19 Nëntor 2019 14:35

Admiral James Foggo, commander of NATO’s Allied Joint Force Command, called on winners of Kosovo elections to form new Government as soon as possible. Fogo says this is the only way to move Kosovo towards stability and prosperity.

Foggo made the comments during a handover ceremony of KFOR’s command held on Tuesday in Pristina. “Now you have a chance to form new Government,” Foggo said while delivering a speech at the handover of command of the KFOR’s commander in Kosovo. “So I am telling the people of Kosovo and to new elected officials to move this state towards stability and prosperity,” Foggo stated. He said that NATO has not planned further downsize of its troops in Kosovo. Newly appointed commander of KFOR, Michele Risi, after assuming his duties said pledged that he will serve to the people of Kosovo. “As a new commander I am very happy to assume the duties after a long line of leaders. My motto is ‘Stustainable stability’” Risi said. /GazetaExpress/

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