Kosovo’s PM reacts after Serbian police held at the border his Serbian advisor

Gazeta Express
25 Prill 2019 14:17

Kosovo prime minister Ramush Haradinaj has reacted after Serbian police has held at the border his advisor, Srdjan Jovanovic, who is member of the Serbian Liberal Party, SLS, a Kosovo Serb political cooperating with Haradinaj’s Government.

“Expressing great concern that my adviser from the Serb community Srdjan Jovanovic has been detained and interrogated by the Serbian Police and Intelligence at the border crossing. Intimidation against Kosovo officials by Serbia’s authorities is unacceptable and a sign of aggression,” Hardadinaj said. The Serbian Liberal Party, headed by Slobodan Petrovic, in a press release issued on Thursday announced that Jovanovic has been held at the border crossing of Dheu i Bardhe at the order of the Serbian Intelligence Service known as BIA. Serbian authorities have targeted the SLS accusing them of cooperation with Kosovo authorities. /GazetaExpress/

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