Kosovo’s Foreign Minister met US Special Envoy Matthew Palmer

Gazeta Express
3 Shtator 2019 13:43

Kosovo’s outgoing minister of Foreign Affairs, Behgjet Pacolli, met on Tuesday Matthew Palmer, US Special Envoy on the Western Balkan dealing also on Kosovo-Serbia dialogue Pacolli has congratulated Palmer on his new position adding that as an old friend he will continue supporting Kosovo. “We see dialogue as an important process which would close a dark chapter between Kosovo and Serbia,” Pacolli said. Further Kosovo’s foreign minister said that mutual recognition should be the only outcome of the dialogue and he values the US support in this process. “Normalisation of relations on mutual recognition is the only goal, nothing less, and we value the strong position of Washington in reaching this goal,” Pacolli said.

Matthew Palmer is a Special Representative of the United States on solving conflict between Kosovo and Serbia. According to international media, the administration of US President Donald Trump is insisting on solving Kosovo-Serbia problem through a final agreement until summer 2020. /GazetaExpress/

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