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Kosovo to honour US Senator Bob Dole with a statue


Gazeta Express

22/07/2019 17:40

A groundbreaking ceremony for the statue honoring US Senator Bob Dole was held today in Kosovo’s capital, Pristina, which was attended by outgoing prime minister Ramush Haradinaj, US Ambassador Phuilip Kosnett and other state dignitaries.

Haradinaj addressing the crowd after the groundbreaking ceremony said that the idea on honouring US Senator Dole with a statute in Pristina was initiated by citizens honouring his political legacy in support of Kosovo issue. “It is a good moment to say happy birthday to our friend. I am only facilitating the ceremony, the initiative came from citizens and businesses to launch this project for erecting a statute honouring Senator Bob Dole,” Haradinaj said.  According to prime minister, Dole’s visit during 90s in Kosovo represented a turning point for solving Kosovo crisis. “It was the first visit of US sentaors and other senior US officials in Kosovo in 1990, which was a turning point on our cause,” Haradinaj said.

US Ambassador to Kosovo, Philip Kosnett, said thathe feels honoured with the initiative on erecting Senator Dole’s statute. “Bob Dole has been a leader in promoting the cause of freedom throughout the world. Thus, it was no surprise that he became an indispensable supporter of Kosovo – standing alongside the people of this country in your own quest to build a country strong and free,” Kosnett said. “Our governments will not always agree on policy, and it will take hard work to keep our positions aligned as Kosovo’s partnership with the United States matures.  But we have seen that the enduring friendship between the people of America and Kosovo does not depend on any particular political party or individual leader,” Kosnett stated attending the ceremony. /GazetaExpress/