Kosovo to open museum for wartime exodus

Gazeta Express
10 Prill 2019 17:28

Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj laid the foundation stone of the new museum honouring hundreds of thousands of Kosovo Albanians who were expelled from their homes by Serbian forces in 1999.

The museum will be built at the village of Bllace near the border with North Macedonia a place where thousands of men, women and children were pushed off the train after being expelled by Serbian forces as part of a campaign to empty the Kosovo of Albanians. Haradinaj said the the museum “Bllaca 99” is dedicated to war refugees, and is a reminder not to forget the bitter past of Kosovo. “If history is forgotten it is doomed to repeat itself,” Haradinaj said, Gazeta Express reports. “The free world should never allow ethnic cleansing.” Haradinaj said. During 1998-1999 war 850,000 Kosovo Albanians were expelled by Serbs from their homes, over 13 thousand people were killed and more than 1600 are still considered as missing. /GazetaExpress/

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