Kosovo Serb politician asks for protection after Belgrade media target her of cooperating with Albanians

Gazeta Express
18 Prill 2019 10:55

Kosovo Serb politician, Rada Trajkovic, has reacted after Belgrade media campaign against her, targeting her of cooperation with Kosovo judiciary related to investigation on murder of another Kosovo politician, Oliver Ivanovic, who was shot dead in Mitrovica North in 2018.

Trajkovic, said such reports from media close to Government in Serbia are deliberate and dangerous, and refuted reports of being involved into the investigation of Ivanovic’s assassination. “Threatening my security should be stopped,” Trajkovic wrote in Twitter after Belgrade-based tabloid Alo accused her of cooperating with Albanians. “This woman [Trajkovic] became collaborationist of Albanians (using derogatory term for Albanians ‘Siptari’) plotting on murdering of Oliver Ivanovic,” Alo reported. Also head of Serbia’s Government Office for Kosovo, Marko Djuric, in a Tweet condemned Trajkovic’s “plotting against her country.” Trajkovic in a Tweet asked for protection from EU embassies. Alo reported that the Kosovo Special Prosecutor dealing with Ivanovic’s case has ordered extension of detention of two Kosovo Serbs, who on 23 October 2018 were arrested suspected of being involved in Ivanovic’s murder. According to Alo the decision to extend the detention was done after the testimony of Rada Trajkovic. Trajkovic, who earlier served as Member of Kosovo parliament, said that she was invited only as witness to testify in Ivanovic’s murder. Ivanovic, leader of the PSD and political opponent of the Srpska List – a political entity representing Kosovo Serbs and under direct control of Belgrade, was shot dead in front of his party’s office in January 2018. The Kosovo authorities have arrested three Kosovo Serbs suspected of being involved in Ivanovic’s killing, one of them was later released. Among those wanted by the Kosovo Police is also Milan Radoicic, deputy head of Srpska List, and well-known figure of underworld in Serb dominated northern part of Kosovo. /GazetaExpress/

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