Kosovo seeks arrest of Serbian politician, Milan Radoicic

Gazeta Express
23 Gusht 2019 13:47

The Special Department of the Basic Court in Pristina has issued an arrest warrant against defendant Milan Radoicic, from Mitrovica North, suspected of “participation or organizing of a criminal group”. 

Radojcic is deputy chairman of Serbian election list Srpska. He is also known as underground boss in the Serb-controlled northern part of Kosovo. Radoicic is suspected of being involved in assassination of the Serb political rival, Oliver Ivanovic. Special Prosecutor’s Office of Kosovo had issued arrest warrant for Radoicic in January on suspicions of being involved in the murder of Ivanovic. Kosovo Police Special Unit had failed to arrest Radojcic in north Mitrovica, but during the same action they had arrested four other persons, including KP Serb members. Radoicic who is wanted by Kosovo authorities is sheltering in Serbia and even was seen attending meetings with Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic. /GazetaExpress/

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