Kosovo Security Force Captain Summoned by Hague Prosecutors

Gazeta Express
20 Shtator 2019 10:46

Former member of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) who currently serves as captain within the General Headquarters of the Kosovo Security Force, Petrit Bojaxhiu, has been summoned by the Hague based Specialist Prosecutor’s Office for questioning.

Bojaxhiu confirming the news said that he has been summoned to answer the prosecutors’ questions at the Hague on 25 September. “Yes, it’s true I will answer positively to the summon. I will go to the Hague and defend he values of KLA’s clean war,” Bojaxhiu said, confirming that he will be questioned on 25 September on his role as KLA member during Kosovo war.

Dozens of former members of the KLA, including senior commanders, have been summoned by the Specialist Prosecutor’s in the Hague, established to investigate and prosecute alleged crimes committed by the KLA during and after the war in Kosovo in 1998-2000. /GazetaExpress/

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