Kosovo president backs Parliament’s work on establishing a war crimes court for Serbia

Gazeta Express
16 Maj 2019 14:02

Kosovo president, Hashim Thaci, has supported the initiative of Kosovo Parliament Speaker, Kadri Veseli, who proposed establishment of a war crime tribunal for Serbia. Thaci said that this is the wisest thing the Parliament can do.

President Thaci called on all political parties to unite and condemn Serbia’s genocide in Kosovo, in order as he said, those responsible of war crimes be brought to justice. “Today’s debate and proposal of approving a resolution and creation of a commission on condemning Serbia’s war crimes is the wisest job ever done by the Parliament of the Republic of Kosovo. It is a good idea of the Speaker Veseli and I believe that all will be united in condemning Serbia’s genocide and ethnic cleansing, and those who are responsible of committing these crimes, people from the state apparatus of Serbia should be brought to justice,” Thaci said addressing media on Thursday.

The Parliament of Kosovo has convened today to discuss and vote a resolution on condemning Serbian crimes committed during Kosovo war in 1998-1999 where more than 13,500 people were killed and over 1600 are still considered as missing. /GazetaExpress/


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