Kosovo PM answers to Serbia’s President warning of countermeasures

Gazeta Express
24 Maj 2019 15:35

Prime minister, Ramush Haradinaj, has reacted to Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic’s statement who warned of “very powerful measures” to counter the tariffs imposed on Serbian goods by Kosovo Government in November last year, Gazeta Express reports.

Haradinaj took Facebook on Friday asking Serbian president Vucic to reflect saying that such political stance have caused tragedies and pain in the past. “It is time to present European values and not stances which you have embraced in the past, which in the past have caused tragedies and pain. The State of Kosovo is also home to Kosovo Serbs, a society we commonly share,” Haradinaj said. “We need hope and Kosovo is ready for an agreement accepting the reality of two countries, under existing borders and in mutual respect,” Haradinaj wrote.

Vucic in a media addressing in Belgrade said that he has prepared very powerful but limited measures to counter the tariffs imposed on Serbian goods by Pristina. “My job is to inform European representatives in Paris of Serbia’s response after nine months of anti-civilizational and unlawful tariffs, the “genocide resolution”, forming of a military and all possible activities against the Serb people,” Vucic said. He also expressed concern over what he said are plans for operations by the Kosovo Police special units. “We know that they have been placed on alert and are preparing to arrest dozens of Serbs in northern Kosovo,” he said and called the Quint countries and international community to prevent new Albanian provocation aimed at forcing the Serbs out. /GazetaExpress/ 

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