Kosovo-North Macedonia new border crossing to open soon

Gazeta Express
24 Maj 2019 15:44

A new border crossing between Kosovo and North Macedonia will open soon, the ministry of Internal Affairs in Pristina confirms.

Officials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs told Gazeta Express that the border crossing Bellanoc-Stancic is expected to open to traffic in August 2019. According to officials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs opening of the new crossing was delayed after North Macedonia is opening for the first time a joint border crossing with any of its neighbours and this requires additional work in completing the project. The joint crossing project Kosovo –North Macedonia has been financed by the European Union as part of projects on cross-border cooperation.

In June 2018, deputy prime minister of Kosovo, Enver Hoxhaj, his North Macedonia counterpart Bujar Osmani, and Head of the EU Office in Skopje, Samuel Zbogar, laid the foundation stone of the facialities of joint border crossing. /GazetaExpress/

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